Heke Rua Archives

Heke Rua Archives proposes the design for a new archive facility and museum near the existing Turnbull library in Wellington City. This is to be the place where our most valuable historical documents are housed and preserved, and where they can be viewed by members of the public. Combining futuristic technology with a strong sense for materiality and structural integrity is at the core of this design’s success. Through study of the solutions that this architecture could contribute to the city of Wellington, and a careful analysis of the site’s conditions and surroundings, the proposed design considers the significance of the past, present and future and how these important settings can be manifested into one cohesive concept. The design connects public and private spaces through a central atrium space that opens up to both workspaces and the archive repository itself. The repository space is organised and maintained by automated technology that ensures the longevity of the valuable archival material, and can be viewed by the public from the central atrium space, emphasising the significance of the archived material and showcasing its adaptability to future technologies.


I am an architecture graduate living in Wellington, New Zealand.

I completed my Bachelors in Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington in 2022 and have since been travelling and working in a range of fields. 

Over the past two years, I have gained experience in architectural drafting and design, manufacturing and building. I am available for full-time work in Architecture.


Te Aro Depression Recovery Trust: Design and drawing

Creative assistance and consultancy in spatial design of a new depression recovery centre.


Freelance: Residential Property Draughting 

Producing floor plans of residential buildings for Real Estate companies. Including site visits, measuring of spaces, drawing and digital draughting.


Gerard Dombroski Workshop: Furniture-making

Design assistance and furniture manufacturing. Design, drawing, planning, metalworking, soldering and assembling.


email: info@ashaburdess.com
tel: +64 21 141 5998

Instagram:  @ashaburd