Animate Network

Following exploration of ant colony and tunnel formations, an investigation of form through biomimicry could be carried out. Project one consisted of altering variables and parameters in pouring wax into water to observe organic and fluids forms that formed in the solidified wax. These forms were then cast into a concrete+plaster mix and left to set before removing the wax, and leaving a negative impression of these tunnels. overall mimicking the forms and qualities of underground networks.


I am an architecture graduate living in Wellington, New Zealand.

I completed my Bachelors in Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington in 2022 and have since been travelling and working in a range of fields. 

Over the past two years, I have gained experience in architectural drafting and design, manufacturing and building. I am available for full-time work in Architecture.


Te Aro Depression Recovery Trust: Design and drawing

Creative assistance and consultancy in spatial design of a new depression recovery centre.


Freelance: Residential Property Draughting 

Producing floor plans of residential buildings for Real Estate companies. Including site visits, measuring of spaces, drawing and digital draughting.


Gerard Dombroski Workshop: Furniture-making

Design assistance and furniture manufacturing. Design, drawing, planning, metalworking, soldering and assembling.


tel: +64 21 141 5998

Instagram:  @ashaburd